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We all have heard that a small spark starts a big revolution. A small fire burning in the candle can light the homes of thousands!

Something similar happened with Avani Pithadia, a few years back when she saw her own son badly struggling with completing his writing work and handwriting legibility at school at a very tender age, she set on a mission to help improve the handwriting of her son. She researched a lot, learned & re-learned many things with the sole purpose of solving the troubles that his son was facing.

Little did Avani know that this motherly initiative to ensure her son reached the zenith of success was going to transform the lives of hundreds in the coming years!

With time, she came across more & more parents who told her about the similar issues that their children faced. Avani spent no time saying,”Yes! I will guide them!”. A new mission was born that day. Avani’s Writing Classes, a mission to help people reach their potential, came into shape.

Her course is based on the very researched science of graphology more simply known as Handwriting Analysis, and is becoming a popular and accepted means of assessing applicant personality prior to employment as well as understanding a child’s personality.

Avani not only understands the personality of the child because of graphology but with handwriting improvement, she ensures that there is an overall optimistic development in the personality of the child.

As the words spread about the initiative, parents flocked to Avani to seek her professional guidance to improve the handwriting of their kids. With time, she also trained the trainers & the family of Avani’s Writing Classes went on growing & revolutionizing the lives of thousands!

Avani was awarded by many firms for her noble initiative to help people reach their potential. Her name was given the full form as Altruistic, vibrant, ambitious, noble and Idealistic by many.

As time passed, Avani knew that graphology isn’t just for kids. Handwriting plays a very crucial role in the personality of grown-up professionals as well as mentioned earlier in the usage of Graphology.

As if that was what people needed, the word spread across professional circles via word of mouth & social media that Avani is guiding professionals too in improving handwriting & many joined her course to improve their handwriting, their personality & eventually their lives.

She reached people not only in India but many joined her courses from Germany as well.

Avani’s writing classes are today a big family of trainers & hundreds of kids and professionals. A small spark had lit a big revolution in the lives of many.

Yet, Avani wasn’t sitting idle with one mission going amazingly well. She understood that businesses were facing a lot of stress due to wrong vibes surrounding the business.

Wrong vibes? Yes!

Helping you grow your business with Right Logo

The symbols that are used in the business & it’s logos have a big impact on the owner & vice-versa. The logos & it’s symbols have to be such that they are in sync with the personality of the owner.

Big firms like Apple, Twitter, Pepsi too follow the science behind logo designing & all of them have changed their logos based on the scientific logo analysis by experts.

Avani too wanted to help small, medium & large businesses to set their logos right to ensure they become successful.

The vision of Avani was always clear to help others reach full potential & here too she was clear to help business reach full potential. She underwent a lot of learning & research in this field & was certified into scientific logo analysis.

She started a new mission, Avani’s Logo World, to help you grow your business with the right logo.

Her mission was appreciated by many & she got many clients too!

She was also awarded with International Indian Awards for Extraordinary Contribution to the Society, Inspired by the Modi Government in association with OMG BOOKS OF RECORDS.

Avani scientifically analyzed logos of many & she designed the perfect logos for many & the positive results shocked the owners who had been doing business since years! 

Today, Avani looks back to that day when she saw her child struggling & looks forward to inspiring, guiding & transforming the lives of thousands in the coming years via her missions of Avani’s Writing Classes & Avani’s Logo World.


Can be applied in various fields
Inquiry into Yourself Who You Are

Graphology helps an individual to know their strengths, weaknesses, innermost fears and your defense mechanisms, and see himself in new light. Graphology can help in understanding and removing the mental blocks to achieve greater personal and professional success and self-growth.

Know Your Relationships

Know every aspect and the hidden aspect of personality so that you will understand them much better with reasons and improve relationships.

Child Development

From child’s handwriting or by parents knowing handwriting analysis they will know about the child much more than he is showing and behaving.

Career Selection for Child

Graphology can help you and your child in selecting the right career. Is he artistic, is he creative, is he very mechanically oriented, is he a fast thinker, is he an analytical person, is he expressive, is he outgoing.

Selecting a Life Partner

Even though you have selected your partner, graphology can help you to improve your relationships and compatibility by knowing each other’s needs and requirements and how they behave in a particular situation.

Selecting a Business Partner

Graphology can help give you to select the right business partner who can make the right decision at the right time.

Employee Selection / Recruitments

Graphology can help in selecting the right people for the job. Who’s titled for which job, will he give maximum output in that area.


Graphology can speed up investigation via writing and signature of a suspect and solve cases.

Online & Offline. Pan India & Globally
Handwriting Improvement Services
  • English Cursive Handwriting
  • English Print Handwriting
  • Hindi Handwriting
  • Speed writing
  • German Handwriting
You will learn how to:
  • Know yourself and others
  • Check your confidence, friendliness, compatibility and hidden talents
  • Discover your strengths and overcome your weaknesses
  • Evaluate your emotions, will power and analytical skills
    And Much More……
German 101
Introduction to German language, German culture, weather, climate, Intro, hobbies, food, Mini dailogues, Greetings, Small daily conversations, numbering etc
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With Disruption comes major discoveries & a leader always innovates in the times of crisis.

Covid-19 brought havoc across the Globe with major industries falling. In this event of crisis, Avani knew it will cause major impacts on the education of kids as well as there will be a potential job crisis across the World.

She made arrangements for taking her entire teaching system online to ensure that none of her students face an educational outage in this new world of pandemic. Her efforts did pay a good return as students too accepted the new online learning method which Avani tried to make it as homely as possible.

With online education, the crisis also opened new doors as now Avani could reach the students & professionals across the world ensuring their no brakes in their success.




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